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Transformational multi-level success and satisfaction powered by predictive behavioral analytics

An optimally engaged and high-performing human system is the foundation of organizational performance and agility.

During decades of work and research, we learned that the usual approaches for optimizing the human system generally do not deliver the expected results, because they run into the same wall: people do not like to be changed.

We realized the critical need for an approach that worked with the natural preferences of people, instead of against them.

It has taken years to develop but now it’s here.

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A science-based, multi-level approach

Our method leverages validated predictive behavioral analytic data to optimize the functionality of the human system at three levels: the employee, the team, and the organization. 

The method is based on data-supported benchmarks derived from the behavioral preferences of people who have found great success and satisfaction in particular roles. We use benchmarks to help individuals in your organization align with the roles in which they are most likely to achieve peak performance and job satisfaction.  We help organizations learn how to build on the natural passion and potential of people, creating a true win-win. 

At the next level, we help organizations learn how to use the behavioral preferences of individuals to align them with teams, so the combined proclivities of the members are ideally suited to fulfilling the mandate of the team.

When the different teams and levels, including the leadership levels, that make up an organization have the behavioral strengths they require, the organization can achieve unprecedented success.

We help your organization learn how to work with aggregated behavioural preference data to make strategic workforce design, development and deployment decisions. 

To ensure that they can, we help your organization define the meaning system and functionality requirements to enable the full potential of your human system. 


Works for organizations large and small

Regardless of whether your company is a global conglomerate or a local enterprise, it is powered by the talents of its individuals. Even when we talk in worldwide terms, we know that all human potential occurs within the small space between each person’s ears. As a result, when we optimize the potential of the individual, we create the foundation on which every organization is built. 


Our vision

We envision a world where people are aligned with roles that naturally give rise to the engagement, collaboration, creativity, and agility that enables their most productive and fulfilling lives, the peak performance of their organizations, and a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world.

A revolutionary approach three decades in the making

We developed our revolutionary approach during over 30 years of helping executives across a wide variety of industries implement leadership development programs, culture-change initiatives, management systems, and technology improvements. During this time, we also conducted extensive research and wrote papers and books about our learning.


The understanding that led to Ensentious: People do not like to be “changed”

Although our programs were designed and executed well, we learned that people resist attempts to change them.

This realization inspired the question that led to our groundbreaking approach: How can organizations work with, instead of against, the natural propensities of their people and their need for fulfillment?

We developed a robust conviction that we could develop a methodology that would make a win-win approach possible – a win for the individual and for the organization.

Ensentious is the expression of our shared understanding of how people work, what really leads to their success and satisfaction, and how their transformation engagement can power organizations to unprecedented success.


Optimizing human systems for the benefit of everyone

We help you discover the natural talents of your people and match each person to the role and team that ignites their passion and potential. By aligning and combining the talents of each person you create strong behavioral drivers across your human system, to achieve much more. 

When you establish the culture and structure to unleash the intrinsic motivation of your organizations human system, you enable transformational improvements in the performance of your organization.


Our Leadership Team

Germaine Watts 2011-06-11.JPG

Germaine Watts, Co-Founder

Germaine brings decades of experience and a unique perspective to the development of vibrant and effective human systems, which are the intelligent and creative component of every organization.

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She is the author of numerous books and a pioneer in releasing the potential of individuals and organizations.

Germaine recently published her groundbreaking approaches to building successful organizations in a series of White Papers. She also co-wrote a handbook with John Paciga PhD, titled Process-Based Management Systems for High Reliability Organizations. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to apply her approaches to aligning human propensities and systems to support high performance.

Before launching the international consulting career that led to the founding of Ensentious, Germaine held senior leadership positions in provincial worker’s compensation and cancer treatment systems, where she directed recruitment and selection, leadership development, and performance improvement initiatives.

Germaine has lectured extensively as expert on safety culture assessment and management systems design on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Working in countries as diverse as China, Nigeria, Belarus and Brazil, she has motivated senior leaders, professionals, and frontline staff to adopt the progressive and diligent ways of working demanded by safe use of nuclear technologies.

She has a thriving coaching practice that uses mindfulness techniques, provocative self-reflection exercises, and Trust Circle principles and practices to cultivate insight, build resilience, and foster wellbeing

She holds degrees in Business Administration and Industrial Relations and has done continuing studies in Integral Psychology and Organization Development. She is a SuccessFinder expert and certified Trust Circle facilitator.


Geraldine Canty Co-Founder

Geraldine is a tech-savvy business professional who has done extensive research into the Future of Work and the transformations organizations will be facing as the technological revolution continues to transform our lives. During her career, she has won several performance awards.

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With a passion for people, change and innovation, she now focuses her full attention on building great teams for organizations, using predictive behavioral analytics, digital technologies and agile principles that enable organizations to thrive.

Geraldine started her career in the United States Navy. After returning to civilian life, she focusedon project management and discovered a passion for leading teams. Since then and for over 20 years, she has helped technology project teams in different public, private, and industrial sectors succeed.

Geraldine earned a Bachelor’sin Political Science and a Masters Certificate in Information Technology Project Management from George Washington University. She also holds a Diploma in Advanced Project Management from University College Cork, Ireland. She is a certified Project Management Professional, Prosci Certified Change Manager,and Certified Scrum Master in agile management principles.

She now calls Washington, DC, home, where she resides with her husband and two dogs.


Discover how your organizationcan thrive with the natural talents of your people

We encourage you to release the natural potential of your employees by working with their behavioural propensities instead of attempting to achieve performance improvements with methods that work against their propensities. 


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Discover the transformational ways Propensity Management can optimize the  performance of individuals, teams, and your organization – and how activating the untapped potential of people can enable remarkable and rapid improvements in human performance and the agility of an organization to adapt successfully to change.


Invite the co-founders of Ensentious to speak

Germaine Watts and Geraldine Canty are practiced speakers, who provide the fresh ideas and engaging content that attract attendees. They’re available fora variety of venues, from roundtables of 5 to conference halls and auditoriums. If you’re looking for an engaging speaker for your event, explore the topics they’re currently speaking about and view booking information here.


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