Finding My Best-fit Career

“You have to do what you dream of doing, even while you’re afraid.”

~Arianna Huffington

Longing to find work that is meaningful to you?  I did… although I took a long and circuitous route in getting there.  And, I had invaluable help from my now ‘Ensentious’ business partner, Germaine Watts.  

I could really have gotten there faster if I hadn’t been afraid to make the leap to another career path, and more importantly, trusted the insight that I gained from exploring my SuccessFinder Career Assessment results.  

BTW, it is a predictive behavioral analytic with an 85% accuracy rate that gives you, not only, information about your behavioral preferences, but also how likely you are to be happy and successful in a wide variety of specific careers.  

With Germaine’s guidance, I learned that my competencies and propensities aligned me with a career in the behavioral sciences, specifically self-leadership coaching is a natural sweet spot for me. It combines my insatiable interest in business, my affinity for working with people, and commitment to high performance and complex problem-solving. 

That was over 10 years ago.  Yes, it took me that long to come to my senses and find what I would now do for free – help people find the career that will bring them satisfaction and success – if I was independently wealthy. 

Looking back, I now see that my success as a Director of a PMO had as much and more to do with my focus on helping others perform at their best, as it did on the tools and techniques of the profession.  My transition to formal leadership coaching has been like a much-welcomed coming home to what matters most to me. 

Spring forward to today, I have a meaningful career with Ensentious that allows me to contribute to the social good and it makes me happy.  What more could I ask for in a career?

My goal now is to make this happen for as many people as I can through Ensentious….

Geraldine Canty is a co-founder of Ensentious – a consultancy and workshop/retreat provider dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations thrive.