Becoming All That You Can Be!

Becoming All That You Can Be!
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What To Expect

In this one-on-one online intensive, a SuccessFinder Expert Level Practitioner and career and life coach will take you on a deep-dive into your talent and potential, as well as your development and growth edge.

Note: you will receive Career Assessment results and expert guidance that you can trust to make high stakes decisions based on the up to 85% predictive validity of SuccessFinder Career Inventory.

You will receive:

  • in-depth interpretation of your behavioral preferences, career interests, management potential, and career suitabilities.

  • an explanation of best-fit careers and any behavioral development needs

  • expert assistance with self-discovery, problem solving, and decision making

Session 1

We will take an in-depth look at your unique 85 behavioral traits, to help you understand:

  • Who you are and who you’re not

This exploration will make specific ties between your past experiences and current realities to help you learn about who you have been, who you are now, and who you want to become.

Session 2

We will discuss your career interests and suitabilities to help you understand:

  • What’s most important to you

  • Where your best fit career is

If relevant to you, this will include exploration of your management/executive suitability and progression potential benchmarks, as well as leadership style, and management behavioral competencies.

Session 3

We will discuss your high and low behavioral competencies:

  • Impact your personal and professional life

  • Develop a 70-20-10 plan to improve your life and career self-efficacy

  • Solidify who you want to become as a human being

Benefits of this intensive program to you…

  • Clarity on what is most important to you in your life right now

  • Awareness of your non-negotiable “must haves” in the work environment.

  • Knowing your suitability for management/executive roles, your progression potential, leadership style and your management behavioral competencies

  • A list of your most relevant career matches so you can create the right career path for you.

  • Understanding of your behavioral development and growth needs

  • Prepared to make high stakes decision on education investment, career transition and career progression. 

Your Reports

  • Lifetime access to full online SuccessFinder assessment results

  • Customized Ensentious Career & Self-Efficacy interpretation and planning guides

  • Summary of Behavioral Dynamics Report

  • Behavioral Competency Report with Drill-down

  • Personal Self-Efficacy Map

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Purchase your “Becoming All That You Can Be!” program

  2. Complete the SucessFinder Career Assessment online and submit to initiate production of your comprehensive predictive profile

  3. Schedule your 3, 90-minute sessions to complete your program