The astonishing economic opportunity

The economic gain for the global economy of increasing aggregate workforce engagement and efficiency through alignment with jobs for which people have a natural inclination   would amount to trillions of dollars. 

How much can your organization improve by unleashing its untapped talent?

Imagine if your workforce was made up of individuals and teams aligned in ways that used their natural propensities to excel. If your organization is like most, unlocking this valuable latent human potential is very likely the largest and most available immediate performance improvement your organization can enjoy.  


Developed in support of individual and large-scale organizational performance

The insights and methodology work for organizations of any size, because all organizations are based on human performance. Propensity Performance Management was conceived and tested in large-scale organization in a highly regulated industry. Success of the approach under such rigorous conditions ensures its applicability in a wide range of settings.  

Based on predictive behavioral analytics

Propensity Performance Management is based on aggregated predictive behavioral analytics and data-based position benchmarks on employee success and satisfaction, which we use to align behavior with the roles and teams in which people are most likely to contribute and excel.


A revolutionary approach that goes beyond the usual methods of employee performance improvement

Propensity Performance Management goes beyond the methods of change-management that are inspirational but not data driven. It also goes beyond methods that attempt to change human behavior, which humans naturally resist.  

Three decades to develop

We developed Propensity Performance Management during three decades of helping executives in a wide range of industries implement leadership development programs, culture-change initiatives, management systems, and technology improvements.

We founded Ensentious to implement what our experience and research demonstrated about how people work, what leads to their optimal success and satisfaction, and how their newfound engagement and growth can power organizations to unprecedented success.


Achieves unprecedented results

Since the foundation of organizational performance is the workforce, Propensity Performance Management can achieve results that systematically improve individual and organizational performance and that can transcend your established business metrics.  

Greater agility to adapt to change

An engaged workforce also makes your organization far more agile, so it can readily adapt to change and continue to excel. 

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