How we help employees and individuals excel

We use an inviting approach powered by best-in-class predictive behavioral analytics to help you understand your natural propensities.

You might think of them as your natural preferences, inclinations, or talents. Once you understand what they are, you'll clearly see the role or roles you would excel at and be able to create a goal-directed path to the role you select, confident that it’s the one in which you’re most likely to enjoy maximum success and satisfaction.

We offer science-based assessments to help you figure out your natural propensities, and individualized development planning, as well as self-leadership retreats, to help you align your life path with your heart’s deepest desire.   

Individual growth opportunities

Are you ready to take charge of your life and career? Our workshops and retreats  can help you find your passion, realize your potential, and make a meaningful difference in the wider world.

Our inviting retreats create a relaxing time and space for you to get in touch with your inner voice and develop your leadership potential, including:  

Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life: A Courage & Renewal Retreat™ for the Work-Weary 

Strengthen your Courage to Lead with Integrity and Heart: A Courage & Renewal Retreat™
You can learn more and register on our Individual Assessments and Retreats page