Payment 1 of 2 Building Your Best Life & Career: One on One Individualized Program

Payment 1 of 2 Building Your Best Life & Career: One on One Individualized Program


In this one-on-one program, one of our SuccessFinder experts will take you on a self-discovery intensive. Your journey will begin with completing the SuccessFinder career assessment online. In three 90-minute online sessions you will then explore your behavioral preferences, career interests, management potential, and specific predicted career suitabilities. Through this highly individualized process, you will introduced to your best-fit careers and any behavioral development needs to ensure success so you can craft a practical plan for getting where you want to go.

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Program Overview

Together, we immerse ourselves in your self-discovery, problem solving, and decision making journey. These online coaching sessions fit into any busy schedule, and kick-off with a self-evaluation using the scientifically proven SucessFinder tool.  Initial conversations will be on behavioral dynamics.  Making specific ties between past experience and current realities.  We learn about who you have been, who you are now, and who you want to become. 

The first session will start with a 1:1 in-depth review of your unique 85 behavioral traits & 26 behavioral competencies, to help you understand:

  • Who you are and who you’re not

  • What’s most important to you

  • Where your best fit career is

If relevant, an in-depth analysis of your management/executive suitability and progression potential benchmarks, leadership style, and management behavioral competencies.  

You will walk away with…

  • Answers to questions of self-efficacy based on an understanding of how your natural behavioral preferences are likely to influence your personal life, and the proactive steps you can take to maximize life-efficacy, well-being, and happiness

  • Targeted coaching on how you can develop behavioral strengths and grow into new levels of personal and professional maturity and effectiveness, so you can live your best life and career

  • Targeted coaching on how to leverage your behavioral strengths to ensure your highest level of work place  productivity and engagement

    You will walk away not only knowing what your best future-self should be, but also have an actionable plan to achieve it.

Reports You Will Receive

  • Life time access to full  online self-assessment results

  • Access to your SuccessFinder Self-Assessment (Traits, Competencies & Leadership Style, Career suitability, Management potential predictors)