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+ Rethinking Performance Improvement – Optimize the Human System!

Everybody loses when organizations struggle to perform – customers, shareholders, suppliers, leaders, workers. At the very root of this struggle is the efficacy of the ‘human system’ – the sum total of the behavioral strengths and constraints that play the dominant role in creating organizational effectiveness and driving organizational performance. Vision, mission, values, strategy, structure, process, technology, leadership, culture – are all products of the human system – and only as effective as the human system that gave rise to them.

Predictive people analytics are opening a door to understanding why and how human systems create and sustain performance patterns and how to think about working with them to achieve better results.

Learn how you can work with the science of behavioral propensities to understand and enhance your organization’s performance capacity to achieve desired outcomes:

  • Influence group, structural, and total system dynamics that determine outcomes
  • Improve connections with suppliers, customers, stakeholders
  • Reduce waste of talent through under-utilization, over-utilization, wrong-utilization
  • Create higher performing teams and increase the ‘aggregate efficiency’ of the workforce by optimizing talent allocation
  • Increase engagement by assigning work that gives people a sense of purpose and meaning in their daily lives
  • Reduce the impact of rivalry, hearsay, and self-sell on mission-critical selection decisions


+ Cutting-Edge Human Resource Management: Creating the Future of Work

The primary purpose of most Human Resources functions is to systematically and conscientiously administer the legal and psychological contract between workers and the employer. Yet research suggests that only 27% of business leaders trust and support their Human Resources function. This means that the professionals with the expertise to deal with people problems do not have the mandate they need, and line-leaders and performance improvement specialists who may not have the time, interest, or suitability are left with the task of enhancing performance of the human system.

Learn how you can transform your Human Resources department from a support function into a strategic contributor to organizational performance improvement:

  • Establish an executive level process for guiding human system development
  • Introduce a best-in-class predictive people analytic to enable rigorous, science-based design, development, and improvement of the human system
  • Identify workforce strengths, blind spots, and opportunities to improve the aggregate efficiency of your human system
  • Diagnose propensity drivers to persistent organization performance challenges
  • Implement an Organization Design Basis to guide human system resourcing, diversification, and evolution
  • Evolve a rigorous team-based resourcing methodology to build stronger, more agile, fit-for-purpose teams

+ Revolutionizing Teamwork: From Cooperation to Conscious Collaboration

The enduring appeal of teamwork is the synergistic achievement of something greater than what we individually can accomplish. But as complexity in our world increases, so do the challenges to achieving synergistic teaming. Reliance on a leader-coach as a pivot point between highly effective players is no longer effective. Nor is use of agile practices focused on fluid information sharing, just-in-time planning, and incremental advancement of work. What is needed is intentional teaming - conscious interdependence by self-aware individuals who intentionally creating a healthy and productive social dynamic by leaning in or stepping away as needed based on the demands of the emerging situation.

Learn how you can elevate your game by making intentional teaming the new normal in your organization:

  • Choose a best-in-class behavioral analytic to build needed self-awareness
  • Understand why different behavioral strengths (i.e., propensities) need to flex in and out of action to build alignment, commitment, and synergistic follow-through on a team
  • Recognize the role functionalities play in helping teams fulfil their mandate
  • Identify the propensities need to sustain healthy interdependence and execute desired functionalities
  • Diagnose team performance and identify critical propensity deficits in a team’s performance profile