Career Assessments and Self Leadership Retreats

Are you ready to live your best life and career? Our online career assessment and self-leadership retreats are specifically designed to give you insights into your natural talents and preferences, so you can unlock the secret formula to YOUR personal happiness and success.

Starting with the SuccessFinder Assessment, the career guidance you'll receive will be science-based, using the power of a best-in-class predictive behavioral analytic to help you understand your preferences and what you would enjoy and excel at so you can map out an actionable path to get you where you want to go.

Are you…






  • to decide what is the best training and education direction for you?

  • to move up from an entry level position?

  • to choose your 2nd Act after retirement?



  • a career move or transition?

  • your suitability for management/leadership roles?

  • why your career progression has stalled?

  • what would be a more meaningful career for you?



  • for what has meaning and purpose to you?

  • for why you are feeling drained and disengaged in your life and work?

  • for why your career progression has stalled and how to re-start?


Our retreats use a Circle of Trust Approach that will help you listen to your own inner teacher - your voice of truth - so you can build the life of meaning and purpose you desire. When you combine a deep understanding of yourself with clarity on your Meaning System and high-quality information on where you naturally fit in the world of work, you can leverage your true self in unprecedented ways, giving you the success and satisfaction you’ve always dreamed of. Better yet, it allows you to make your best contribution to others and the world.



weary of work and life…

  • disoriented and disillusioned about your current career path?

  • stress and likely to burnout from life and work demands?

  • looking to reconnect with your true-self and bring joy back to your life and work


looking to cultivate your courage …

  • to lead with heart in relationally challenging situations?

  • are you looking to create safe and brave spaces for others?

  • do I stay, do I go, do I change to fit the circumstance?


Not Sure? Find the experience that is right for you: