Five of the validated tools we use

 Each has been proven in the field during decades of use.


1. Success Finder

It’s a best-in-class predictive behavioral analytic tool specifically designed to help unlock the workplace potential of people by providing them with awareness of their behavioral preferences. 

Measures 85 statistically distinct behavioral traits

Success Finder is the only behavioral analytics tool that measures this many. Others measure as few as 10 to 35.  

Based on decades of applied research

The profiles behind Success Finder were developed during over 40 years of innovative research. 

Developed and validated according to established standards and principles

Success Finder adheres to standards established by the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. These standards designate it as sufficiently valid to be safely used to make important life decisions by individuals or by professionals making career recommendations. 

A sound basis for Propensity Performance Management

Research indicates that the most successful people and teams possess a higher level of self-awareness and an in-depth understanding of their unique behavioral preferences, so they’re able to leverage their strengths and maximize their performance.