2. Talent Integrator

The Talent Integrator is a web-based application that enables fully customized searches of aggregate propensity data to identify individuals who match specified search criteria. When integrated with an organization’s HRIS, it can be used to generate reports on career aspirations, education, credentials, experience, and a full suite of Success Finder behavioral benchmarks.

The Talent Integrator helps certified practitioners systematically improve the health of the human system by:

  • Identifying internal candidates based on suitability and satisfaction to increase retention, intrinsic motivation and the probability of high performance.

  • Enhancing team dynamics, capacity, and functionality by adding required behavioral competencies, including leadership competencies.

  • Streamlining investment in training and development by screening for propensities that can realistically be enhanced.

  • Systematically diversifying organizational propensities to build a workforce that agile and resilient in changing circumstances.

  • Resourcing project teams, and seeding new talent with the agility for change as a resourcing criterion

  • Making resourcing decisions that optimize placement of required talent throughout an organization’s structure