Optimizing Human System Performance in Your Organization

Build a Healthy Human System using Propensity Management

We help organizations improve engagement and performance through the implementation of Propensity Management. Using a combination of on-the-ground guidance and online training, we help your people become active participants in improving the functionality of the organization one job, one team, one department at a time.

Our engagement process begins with a Discovery Working Session for your senior leadership team. In this session you determine if this is a right direction based on your organization’s existing , operating culture and climate, experience with systematic organizational improvement, and talent management infrastructure.

Once a decision is made to proceed, we will work with you and your staff to develop a realistic roadmap for building the skills, knowledge, understanding and infrastructure you will need to systematically optimize your human system using propensity management principles and practices. Our goal from the beginning is to transfer knowledge and build your organization’s self-sufficiency as quickly and easily as possible.

Transferring Knowledge: Our Capacity Building Suite

Our knowledge transfer process consists of:

  1. an Online Propensity Management Workshop designed to orient participants to the purpose, scope, and potential of Propensity Management to create win-win improvement for organizations and its members.

  2. two Practitioner Certification capacity-building workshops specifically designed to orient and build the proficiency of in-house professionals who will have accountability for systematically applying Propensity Management to enhance the organization’s human system.

  3. a Talent Integrator application that makes it easy for certified practitioners to combine and manipulate conventional HRIS and workforce propensity data in support of a range of talent management activities.

  4. a series of Train-the-Trainer Workshops that can be used by certified internal practitioners to accelerate introduction of Propensity Management to your entire workforce.

  5. preferred access to two publicly offered Re-Engagement Intensives designed to help individuals who are at career cross-roads recoup, regroup, and re-connect with their passion and commitment. Health in human systems grows when we all walk the tight rope between achieving satisfaction and success in the world and cultivating our own inner growth and unfoldment.

Implementing Propensity Management: Our Staged Approach

Every engagement we do is unique. What stays the same is our dedication to successful implementation. By highlighting key success factors, checking in with our client’s frequently, and staging each phase of the implementation process with in-depth training support, we ensure that your organization’s transition to this new way of working is trouble-free.

The typical steps to establishing a Human System Improvement approach:

  • Complete an in-depth readiness assessment and establish a detailed implementation road-map

  • Identify and train in-house staff to support introduction of Propensity Management

  • Recommend structural changes to support the creation of a human system improvement capability

  • Identify key considerations for aligning in-house policies, procedures, and contracts to support Propensity Management

  • Develop an Organization Design Basis to guide propensity-based design, development, and resourcing

  • Establish a pilot-site to test the implementation approach

  • Gather workforce propensity data and establish the secure propensity management system

  • Orient users to the process of assessing talent-task alignment and making systematic improvements

  • Refine the implementation approach based on the pilot site and move towards full implementation

  • Integrate human system improvement into the formal organization management system


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Why it Works: Leveraging the Passion and Potential of People


Leveraging the natural talents and intrinsic motivation of your people is the recipe for success.

Starting with the individual as the basic building block of motivation and success, we help you initiate the challenging and rewarding process of aligning talent to best-fit task. We teach you how to apply the science of people to optimize the functionality of your teams and structures. Finally, we have a holistic dialog about what your human system has the power to do, and what's needed to become more resilient, productive, and even creative as an organization.

Combined, these steps activate a whole new approach to organizational improvement that:

  • traces organizational performance back to core capacities of your human system,

  • adds explanatory power of aggregate propensity data to your understanding of persistent organizational performance challenges

  • identifies new opportunities to improve your organization’s performance capacity through workforce behavioral diversification, and finely tuned talent allocation, development, and growth practices.

Propensity Management takes your organization improvement and talent management practices to the next level.


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