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Re-engagement Intensive Retreats


We offer workshops for leaders

who are passionate about improving workforce engagement and organizational performance

Our courses and workshops in Propensity Management are ideal for leaders in:

· Operational Excellence
· Business and Digital Transformations
· Performance Improvement
· Talent Management
· Organizational Development
· Strategy & Innovation
· Change Management
· Process Improvement
· Management System Design
· Human Resources


 You’ll learn how to unleash the natural talents of your workforce

These courses and workshops will show you how you can unleash the natural talents of your people and create a more fulfilling place to work while you deliver superior organizational performance.  

Since individuals, teams, and leaders all play a critical role, our workshops address the needs of all three groups and what each requires to excel.



Introduction to Propensity Management – A Transformational Win-Win for Everyone

The first step to effective Propensity Management leadership is to discover how it can help you understand your own propensities. So, this workshop includes a deep-dive into self-discovery.

As a result, you’ll know from firsthand experience how transformational Propensity Management can be for your employees and your organization.  

You’ll also learn how propensities can be mindfully combined to dramatically increase healthy team dynamics and deliver effective team and organizational performance.

Finally, you’ll gain insights into the relationship between propensities, processes, structures and strategies and how Propensity Management can help your organization unleash the potential of your human system to achieve transformational performance outcomes.

The basics on how we apply the science of people

You’ll discover how Propensity Management can transform the human system of your organization. In the process, you’ll learn how working with our dynamic efficacy models can help you understand and improve your organization’s human system. You will learn:

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The success factors for working with natural human propensities

  • How the behaviors of individuals, groups, and leaders determine the performance of teams, structures and whole organizations

  • How intentional behavioral diversification of workforce propensities can elevate human system performance

  • Designing teams and higher-order units of productivity using aggregated behavioral propensity data

  • Talent management practices that can help individuals find best-fit work, so they can fulfill their performance and growth potential

  • How to get started on making this exciting new way of improving performance a reality in your organization

What you’ll gain

A practical understanding of how the aggregated behavioral preferences of a workforce shape individual, team and the overall performance and efficacy of an organization.

Insights and strategies for leveraging the unique strengths of individuals, designing teams for superior functionality, and establishing structures that enable higher engagement and deliver transformational business outcomes.

Tips, techniques and prerequisites for introducing Propensity Management™ as a revolutionary method of organizational performance improvement.

Certificate of Completion

All attendees who complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion in Propensity Management.

A Complementary Post-Course Conversation

You’re invited to enjoy a one-on-one conversation with an expert in Propensity Management™.

Personal Assessment Report:

It’s a Success Finder Assessment Report prepared just for you. Course details Length: 12 modules, 1.5 hours each

Core Topics:

  • Current Organization Paradigm
  • How Propensities Drive Functionalities
  • New Performance Improvement Methodology
  • Understanding Individual Efficacy
  • Investigating Team Efficacy
  • Aligning Leadership Efficacy
  • Defining Structural Efficacy
  • Organization Design
  • Building Blocks
  • Implementation of Propensity Management

Practitioner Certification Workshops

Building In-House Propensity Management Capacity

When you attend the online Introduction to Propensity Management workshop, you’ll see what’s required to transform your organization into an engaged, high-performing, and agile human system that delivers superior results.

To bring this improvement methodology to your organization, you will need to develop in-house talent through our practitioner certification workshops.


Understanding Human Behavior

We offer a 4-Day Expert Certification workshop in partnership with Success Finder. The goal of this workshop is to help selected inhouse talent acquire a thorough comprehension of the Success Finder behavioral framework – the most robust framework available. It consists of 85 Behavioral Traits, 26 Competencies, 35 Career Themes, and 2500+ Position Benchmarks.

This workshop is made up of two parts:

1. a precertification curriculum and classroom learning component. It offers a personal learning experience, along with group discussion, lectures, and labs.

2. a practicum involving 6 supervised client feedback sessions and a series of exams to confirm the participants learning.

Participants take the assessment themselves to learn the tool, and by completion of this workshop, are able to unlock the full potential of the Success Finder Career Assessment.


What you’ll gain access to:

  • A variety of Success Finder reference resources.

  • The Success Finder online platform.

  • Ongoing professional development support.

What you’ll learn to do:

  • Become a completely autonomous user of all Success Finder data.

  • Support the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to development and succession planning.

  • Help leadership teams make strategic high-stakes talent management decisions, using scientific data.


Improving the Human System

We offer a 3-Day Expert Certification workshop that helps Certified SuccessFinder Practitioners acquire a thorough comprehension of the Propensity Management Methodology. It introduces participants to the three Dynamic Efficacy Models we use and the related Assessment Inventories that aid in interpretation and forward planning, supported by aggregated behavioral propensity data.


What you’ll learn to do:

How to work strategically with aggregate predictive behavioral analytics data to describe, diagnose, design, distribute and diversify talent in support of organizational performance improvement.

What you’ll gain access to:

  • Access to the individual, team, and organizational Efficacy Models, interpretive guides, and Assessment tools

  • Eligibility to purchasing our web-based application to manage and manipulate workforce propensity data.

  • Eligibility to purchasing our suite of our Train-the-Trainer Modules

Due to the exclusive and personalized nature of our practitioner workshops, online ordering is not available. Please, contact us if you are interested in getting started.


Talent Integrator — Working with Aggregated Propensity Data

We offer a 1-Day hands-on workshop that helps Certified Propensity Management Practitioners use our unique Talent Integrator. This web-based application enables fully customized searches of aggregated propensity data that predict the probability of an individual achieving high performance in a career area, from a staffer to the CEO. If integrated with an organization’s HRIS, these searches can expand to report on career aspirations, education, credentials, and experience, a capability that simplifies sophisticated talent decision-making.  

The data management challenge

Working with aggregated propensity data for a small group of individuals can be time consuming and error prone. If an organization has 1,000 employees and benchmark data against hundreds of position benchmarks, the consolidated information becomes huge. Making sense of large volumes of data effectively and efficiently, requires an efficient, easy to use, query tool. Our Talent Integrator serves this purpose.

It provides a quick and easy way for practitioners to:

  • Compare extensive profiles

  • Generate work group profiles

  • Visualize workforce propensity distributions

  • Analyze aggregate team and organizational data

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Organizational Benefits The Talent Integrator helps practitioners manage and manipulate aggregate propensity data to help the organization quickly and easily:

  • Identify internal candidates for positions based on predicted suitability and satisfaction to increase intrinsic motivation, the probability of high performance, and retention
  • Diagnose the behavioral contributions to systemic human performance challenges
  • Enhance team dynamics, capacity, and functionality by adding required behavioral competencies to teams, including leadership competencies.
  • Streamline investment in talent and development by screening for propensities that can realistically be enhanced through training
  • Systematically diversify organizational propensities to build a workforce that is agile and resilient in changing circumstances
  • Resource project teams and seed new talent with the capacity for change
  • Make resourcing decisions that optimize placement of required talent throughout an organization’s structure
  • Anticipate workforce behavioral challenges in relation to proposed organizational strategy changes

 How you can Ensure the Right Fit between People, Tasks, Teams, Structures and Strategies


To build the momentum for high organizational performance using Propensity Management, individuals, teams and leaders need to understand their contributions.  Our training-for-trainers workshops equip Certified Practitioners to build that understanding quickly and easily.


More about our Train-the-Trainer Workshops


The Role Grows the Person

Engagement and exceptional job performance depend on employees finding right-fit roles that make the most of their natural interests and talents. So, this workshop helps employees reach for their best selves.

In the workshop, your employees will gain valuable experience with Success Finder by exploring their Success Finder ™ results to help them understand their behavioral preferences and the career directions in which they are most likely to find satisfaction, success, and fulfillment over time.

It’s a 2-day assessment and development workshop, during which your employees will:

  • Explore in-depth information on their behavioral preferences and career interests

  • Self-assess their ‘fit’ in relation to their current direction or role

  • Gain insight into their advancement potential and how they can make the most of their talents

  • Prepare a realistic plan for developing their behavioral propensities for high performance in a current or future role.

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What participants will gain

As a result of their hands-on experience with Success Finder, your staff will learn:

Tips and techniques for building staff insights into important career-planning questions, such as “What is my leadership style and progression potential?”

Understanding of a user-friendly model for helping staff explore how their natural preferences are likely to influence their personal lives and the proactive steps they can take to maximize their life-balance, wellbeing, and happiness.

An introduction to how a 70-20-10 planning approach can be used to help your staff grow into new levels of maturity and effectiveness, so they can take greater ownership of living their best life. Information and tips for helping your staff harness their talents and strengths for greater personal productivity, team engagement, and professional success.

Course Details

Length: Two days / 8 modules

Target Audience: All employees

Format: Instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Practitioner Certifications for SuccessFinder and Propensity Management

What They Will Receive:

  • Success Finder Assessment Report

  • Ensentious Career and Life Planning Workbook


The Person Strengthens the Team

Mindful engagement, behavioral diversity, and distributed leadership are essential for creating powerful teams that can collaborate and flex as needed to deliver. This workshop helps teams plan for self-improvement with every new hire.

In this workshop, your staff will learn about the art and science of designing high- performing teams.  Using our Team Efficacy Model we demonstrate the process any group must go through to become a high-performing team and the behavioral propensities needed to ensure success at each step along the way.

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In this 2-day team self-assessment and performance-planning workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Define their team’s required performance functionalities in behavioral terms

  • Gauge their team’s level of readiness for high performance

  • Design specific mandates for teams

  • Understand the role of behavioral diversity in strengthening team performance

  • Identify gaps in their team’s propensity profile that could be undermining their success.

What participants will gain

  • An introduction to helping team members develop behavioral strengths and grow into new levels of maturity and effectiveness, so they can live their best life and make their best contribution.

  • A working understanding of a dynamic Team Efficacy Model that can be used to describe, diagnose and design teams for high performance, using aggregate propensity data.

  • The ability to help employees think about the life and career implications of their behavioral preferences.

  • Hands-on practice identifying team functionalities and the related aggregate behavioral propensities needed to leverage team performance in specific ways.

  • Experience engaging a team in design, self-assessment, and improvement planning.

Course Details

Length: Two days / 8 modules

Target Audience: Line leaders and talent-management specialists charged with designing and resourcing teams

Format: Instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Practitioner Certifications for SuccessFinder and Propensity Management

What They Will Receive:

  • A Personal Success Finder Assessment Report

  • A Functionality Definition Guide

  • An Interpretive Guide to the Individual Self-Efficacy Model

  • An Interpretive Guide to the Team Efficacy Model


The Team Enhances the Human System

Helping team members understand and strategically flex their preferred styles so they can make their best contribution is a powerful way to enhance team performance. This workshop teaches team members how to recognize when to step forward and when to step back to achieve high performance collectively.

During the workshop, your staff will explore their Success Finder™ behavioral competency data through two dynamic Efficacy Models. These models will help them learn how their behavioral preferences contribute to job performance and team success. This understanding will allow participants to make more conscious choices to optimize individual and team performance.

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In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn about:

  • A seven-step process for turning intentions into results

  • How their behavioral competencies shape the likelihood of success at each step in their individual performance process

  • How their behavioral competencies contribute to achieving high team performance

  • How to recognize when to step forward and when to step back to increase their situational effectiveness in relation to personal, job, and team needs

  • How to develop or compensate for no-preferred behaviors to intentionally increase individual and team efficacy

What participants will gain

  • A practical understanding of how the combined behavioral preferences of team members determine interpersonal dynamics and performance against the team’s mandate

  • An understanding of how to work with team functionalities to guide team resourcing and development planning

  • Insights and strategies for developing teams and organizations that use the unique strengths of people to achieve higher engagement and better business outcomes

  • Coaching strategies to help individuals understand their talents and learn how to flex them to make their best contribution to team performance

  • Techniques for applying and strengthening your own innate talents in your role as team leader or team development and performance coach

Course details

Length: Two days / 8 modules

Target Audience: Team leaders and team members

Format: Instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Practitioner Certifications for SuccessFinder and Propensity Management

What participants will receive:

  • A Digital Propensity Management™ Primer

  • A Digital Intentional Teaming Orientation Kit

  • A Personal Success Finder Assessment Report

  • A Certificate of Completion


We offer two
Re-engagement Intensive Retreats

Each provides a time and space for you to slow down and listen inward to understand what is most important to you so you can take steps to a more satisfying life and career.

  • Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life: A Courage & Renewal Retreat™ for the Work-Weary

  • Strengthen your Courage to Lead with Integrity and Heart: A Courage & Renewal Retreat™

Read the descriptions and consult the charts below. Then select the retreat that’s right for you. If you would like to discuss your choice, we invite you to contact us.

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Find the Offering Right for You

Whether you are a student, freelancer, individual contributor, team leader, manager, executive, or retiree contemplating a 2nd Act, clarifying what has meaning and purpose is important to living your best life and making your greatest contribution. Our career and self-leadership offerings provide a comprehensive range of options for understanding your personal talents and career success potential, identifying personal growth and self-efficacy enhancement opportunities, and taking deep-dives into profound directional questions. Find the offering that is right for you, or schedule a call with us if you need more information.


Re-engagement Intensive Retreats

Sometimes people have to take time out in order to be ready to put more in

When your spirits are high and life is flowing, everybody wins, but demanding schedules, workplace conflict, and pressures for change can dampen our spirits and engagement of even the most dedicated individuals.

When this problem happens, you need to step back, regroup, and reconnect with what matters most to you. The decision is always personal ,but organizations can help with re-engagement.

Our Self-Leadership Intensives are designed to help you come home to themselves – to reconnect soul and role and to reawakenpassion, courage, and engagement through self-discovery, rejuvenation, and new ways of seeing.


Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life: A Courage &Renewal Retreat™ for the Work-Weary

All too often we look to family, friends, and sometimes professionals to help us find answers on what will give meaning and purpose to our lives. If we are very lucky, we recognized our true path early and began the lifelong journey of growing and unfolding into our best life. But most of us know there is more we need to discover about who we are and what will satisfy our innermost wants, needs and potentials.  Since we’ve been searching for a long time, we are weary. 

Congruence between our inner lives and outer actions is what our soul longs for.  When we live without alignment with our inner voice our spirit suffers, and stress abounds.

Our soul yearns for wholeness, which comes from embracing our strengths and our weaknesses, our light and our shadows,our needs and our potentials. 

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To make the most of our one wild and precious life we need to understand where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need. Then can we know fulfillment.

In this retreat we will explore questions of passion and propensities, purpose and potential, to help us choose directions that will allow us to live in alignment with our deepest values and act with integrity and authenticity in our daily lives.

This retreat nourishes learning, reflection, clarity, and insight in a safe, quiet, nurturing, and confidential environment.

We explore both outside-in and inside-out views of ourselves. We facilitate insights, not only by self-observation, but by extending our inner and outward understanding with poetry, music, artwork, and readings from the great wisdom traditions.

On your journey of discovery, you will enjoy periods of quiet self-reflection, large and small group sharing, and, as the revelations unfold, instances of inviting laughter and lightness.

Clearness Committee, a 400+ year old Quaker process of discernment is the capstone of this retreat offering individuals the gift of honest, open questions to deepen personal inquiry.

Who should participate: This retreat welcomes leaders who are seeking to illuminate their own life journey, enhance their self-leadership in life and leadership of others at work, and bring greater integrity and wholeness to their organizations or communities.

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Making the Most of Strengthen your Courage to Lead with Integrity and Heart: A Courage &Renewal Retreat™

At its very core, leadership is a daily, ongoing practice aimed at becoming our best self and inviting others to do the same. It is about being willing to take the initiative to enable and build momentum for ideas, directions, or way of being or doing that have meaning and value to ourselves and others.

The strength and resilience required come from knowing the ground on which we stand, and the convictions we will act upon with courage.  Both grow out of self-knowledge.

Inside each of us is an essential self that we must be in touch with and hear the voice of.  It has integrated all our skills, talents, experience, competencies and capacities, as well as the facts we have gathered.  When we hear it, it becomes our accessible and authentic guide for our actions and choices.  

This wise inner leader continues to grow and yet somehow, deep down, remains constant.

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Fundamental to cultivating courageous leadership is developing trust in this essential self, and through it, trusting in others, and the workability of life overall.

As we become more aware of our strengths, limitations and guiding values we gain the courage to be fully engaged, to take risks, to care deeply, and take principled action even in the midst of change and uncertainty.

Becoming more self-aware requires both individual introspection and a supportive community.

In this retreat, together with around 20 other people, we will create a space for honest dialogue and non-judgmental listening, practicing ways of relating that will help us be more present with ourselves and each other. We will have the opportunity to:

• Be more present with ourselves and each other

• Focus, without distraction, on what matters, especially our values, vision, challenges and fears

• Gain a new depth of self-knowledge

• Discover a process for discernment to reach clarity around questions of life and leadership

• Experience The Courage Way to invite and hold people accountable for co-creating trustworthy space

• Learn leadership principles and practices that can be applied to daily life and work

The ‘way in’ to self-reflection will be two-fold: through an outside-in exploration of ‘me in the world’, and an inside-out view of ‘the world in me.

To facilitate the two kinds of self-reflections we’ll use images, evocative texts, music, and impressions from the natural world to aide in this self-discovery process.

There will be time for individual reflection and journaling, as well as large- and small-group work in which stories of our own lives and leadership experiences can be shared.

Being a wise and skilled leader is not something we arrive at one day, fully formed and complete. It takes ongoing personal and professional growth through reflection on our internal landscape and weather.

Only we can see inside ourselves, but what we do with what we learn can make the night-and-day difference for ourselves and the people around us.

Clearness Committees, a 400+ year old Quaker process of discernment will serve as the capstone of this retreat (, offering individuals the gift of honest, open questions to deepen their personal inquiry.

Who should participate: This retreat welcomes leaders who are seeking to illuminate their own life journey, enhance their self-leadership in life and leadership of others at work, and bring greater integrity and wholeness to their organizations or communities.


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