The Person Strengthens the Team

Mindful engagement, behavioral diversity, and distributed leadership are essential for creating powerful teams that can collaborate and flex as needed to deliver. This workshop helps teams plan for self-improvement with every new hire.

In this workshop, your staff will learn about the art and science of designing high- performing teams.  Using our Team Efficacy Model we demonstrate the process any group must go through to become a high-performing team and the behavioral propensities needed to ensure success at each step along the way.

In this 2-day team self-assessment and performance-planning workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Define their team’s required performance functionalities in behavioral terms

  • Gauge their team’s level of readiness for high performance

  • Design specific mandates for teams

  • Understand the role of behavioral diversity in strengthening team performance

  • Identify gaps in their team’s propensity profile that could be undermining their success.

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What participants will gain

  • An introduction to helping team members develop behavioral strengths and grow into new levels of maturity and effectiveness, so they can live their best life and make their best contribution.

  • A working understanding of a dynamic Team Efficacy Model that can be used to describe, diagnose and design teams for high performance, using aggregate propensity data.

  • The ability to help employees think about the life and career implications of their behavioral preferences.

  • Hands-on practice identifying team functionalities and the related aggregate behavioral propensities needed to leverage team performance in specific ways.

  • Experience engaging a team in design, self-assessment, and improvement planning.

Course Details

Length: Two days / 8 modules

Target Audience: Line leaders and talent-management specialists charged with designing and resourcing teams

Format: Instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Practitioner Certifications for SuccessFinder and Propensity Management

What They Will Receive:

  • A Personal Success Finder Assessment Report

  • A Functionality Definition Guide

  • An Interpretive Guide to the Individual Self-Efficacy Model

  • An Interpretive Guide to the Team Efficacy Model


The Team Enhances the Human System

Helping team members understand and strategically flex their preferred styles so they can make their best contribution is a powerful way to enhance team performance.

This workshop teaches team members how to recognize when to step forward and when to step back to achieve high performance collectively.

During the workshop, your staff will explore their Success Finder™ behavioral competency data through two dynamic Efficacy Models.

These models will help them learn how their behavioral preferences contribute to job performance and team success. This understanding will allow participants to make more conscious choices to optimize individual and team performance.

In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn about:

  • A seven-step process for turning intentions into results

  • How their behavioral competencies shape the likelihood of success at each step in their individual performance process

  • How their behavioral competencies contribute to achieving high team performance

  • How to recognize when to step forward and when to step back to increase their situational effectiveness in relation to personal, job, and team needs

  • How to develop or compensate for no-preferred behaviors to intentionally increase individual and team efficacy

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What participants will gain

  • A practical understanding of how the combined behavioral preferences of team members determine interpersonal dynamics and performance against the team’s mandate

  • An understanding of how to work with team functionalities to guide team resourcing and development planning

  • Insights and strategies for developing teams and organizations that use the unique strengths of people to achieve higher engagement and better business outcomes

  • Coaching strategies to help individuals understand their talents and learn how to flex them to make their best contribution to team performance

  • Techniques for applying and strengthening your own innate talents in your role as team leader or team development and performance coach

Course details

Length: Two days / 8 modules

Target Audience: Team leaders and team members

Format: Instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Practitioner Certifications for SuccessFinder and Propensity Management

What participants will receive:

  • A Digital Propensity Management™ Primer

  • A Digital Intentional Teaming Orientation Kit

  • A Personal Success Finder Assessment Report

  • A Certificate of Completion