Example of Propensity Dynamics

Imagine two people. Leslie’s strongest behavioral preferences are for demonstrating community consciousness and seeking innovation. Mark’s strongest preferences are for demonstrating community consciousness and maintaining accountability. When they work together, they will naturally connect and reinforce their shared preference for demonstrating community consciousness.


Seeks Innovation

Thinking expansively and demonstrating intense imaginative insight to identify wise but innovative solutions.

Demonstrates Community Consciousness

Committing to improving the quality of one’s community and environment by volunteering for community duties.

Maintains Accountability

Assuming full accountability for what happens and being first to invite criticism and personal responsibility.


Aggregated Propensity Data

Combined, this duo will naturally want to make a significant contribution to society. They will share a profound belief that the needs of others come first. With Leslie’s help they will use intuition and imagination to seek out innovative solutions to address unacceptable situations, and with Mark’s help they will step-up and take on active leadership roles in worthwhile causes to contribute to the well-being of others. Drawing upon Leslie’s inner ‘knowing’ rather than tangible evidence, they will be able to work with novel ideas with relative ease. With Mark’s help they will assume full and unconditional accountability if something goes wrong and accept constructive criticism, based on Mark’s belief that there is always more that they could have done to prevent a mistake, as well as their combined investment in making a situation right.


Improving Performance

Learn how we can turn understanding of the natural phenomenon of behavioural preference interaction into a powerful source of improvement for individuals and organizations.