Re-engagement Intensives

Sometimes people have to take time out in order to be ready to put more in

When spirits are high and life is flowing, everybody wins, but demanding schedules, workplace conflict, and unrelenting pressures for change, can dampen the spirits and engagement of even the most dedicated individuals. When this happens, people need to step back, regroup, and reconnect with what matters most to them. This is always a personal decision, but organizations can help the re-engagement.

Our publicly offered self-leadership intensives are designed to help individuals come home to themselves; to reconnect soul and role, and to re-awaken their passion and courage through self-discovery, rejuvenation, and new ways of seeing.


Making the Most of Your One Wild and Precious Life: A Courage & Renewal Retreat™ for the Work-Weary

All too often we look to family, friends, and sometimes professionals to help us find answers on what will give meaning and purpose to our lives. If we are very lucky we recognized our true path early and began the lifelong journey of growing and unfolding into our best life. For most of us though, the path was not so clear. We know there is more we need to discover about who we are deep down in side and what will satisfy our inner-most wants, needs and potentials. We have been searching for a long time, and we are weary.

Congruence between our inner lives and outer actions is what our soul longs for and whenever we live out of alignment with our inner voice our spirit suffers, and stress abounds. What our soul yearns for is wholeness - genuine embracing of our weaknesses as well as our strengths, our shadows as well as our light, our needs as well as our potentials. To make the most of our one wild and precious life we need to understand where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need. Then can we know fulfillment.

In this retreat we will explore questions of passion, potential, purpose, and propensities to help us choose directions that will allow us to live in alignment with our deepest values and act with integrity and authenticity in our daily lives. This retreat will promote learning, reflection, clarity, and insight in a safe, quiet, nurturing, and confidential environment. We will explore both outside-in and inside-out views of ourselves, and allow the insights to be gained from exploring poetry, music, artwork, and readings from the great wisdom traditions to help us extend our knowing both inward and outward. We will enjoy periods of quiet self-reflection, large and small group sharing, as well as much laughter and lightness on this journey of discovery. 

Clearness Committees, a 400+ year old Quaker process of discernment is the capstone of this retreat (, offering individuals the gift of honest, open questions to deepen personal inquiry.

Who should participate:

This retreat welcomes individuals who are seeking to deepen connection with true self and bring greater alignment and wholeness to their lives.


Strengthen your Courage to Lead with Integrity and Heart: A Courage & Renewal Retreat™

At its very core, leadership is a daily, ongoing practice aimed at becoming our best self and inviting others to do the same. It is about being willing to take the initiative to build momentum for ideas, directions, or way of being or doing that have meaning and value to ourselves and others. The strength and resilience needed for this process come from knowing the ground on which we stand, and the convictions we will act upon with courage: it grows out of self-knowledge. 

Inside each of us is an essential self that has integrated all our skills, talents, experience, competencies and capacities, as well as the facts we have gathered, and is accessible to guide our actions and choices. This wise inner leader continues to grow and yet somehow, deep down, remains constant. Fundamental to cultivating courageous leadership is developing trust in this essential self, and through it, trusting in others, and the workability of life overall. As we become more aware of our strengths, limitations and guiding values we gain the courage to be fully engaged, to take risks, to care deeply, and take principled action even in the midst of change and uncertainty.

Becoming more self-aware requires both individual introspection and a supportive community. In this retreat, together with around 20 other people, we will create a space for honest dialogue and non-judgmental listening, practicing ways of relating that will help us be more present with ourselves and each other. We will have the opportunity to:

  • focus, without distraction, on what matters, especially our values, vision, challenges and fears

  • gain a new depth of self-knowledge

  • discover a process for discernment to reach clarity around life and leadership questions

  • experience The Courage Way of inviting and holding people accountable for co-creating trustworthy space

  • learn leadership principles and practices that can be applied to daily life and work

The ‘way in’ to reflection will be two-fold: through an outside-in exploration of ‘me in the world’, and an inside-out view of ‘the world in me’ through images, evocative texts, music, and impressions from the natural world. There will be time for individual reflection and journalling as well as large- and small-group work in which stories of our own lives and leadership experiences can be shared.

Being a wise and skilled leader is not something we arrive at one day, fully formed and complete. It takes ongoing personal and professional growth through reflection on our internal landscape and weather. Only we can see inside ourselves, but what we do with what we learn can make the night-and-day difference for ourselves and the people around us.

Clearness Committees, a 400+ year old Quaker process of discernment will serve as the capstone of this retreat (, offering individuals the gift of honest, open questions to deepen their personal inquiry.

Who should participate:

This retreat welcomes leaders who are seeking to illuminate their own life journey, enhance their self-leadership in life and work, and bring greater integrity and wholeness to organizational or community settings.