Our Preferred Predictive Behavioral Analytic Tool: SuccessFinder™

We all want to be happy and successful in our lives, and when it comes to our careers, behavioural competencies are the key differentiator in our achieving and sustaining high performance. While our behavioral competencies do not account for knowledge, skills or abilities, they do determine our level of career satisfaction and success. As such, they are the most important consideration when pursuing a fulfilling career.

How can a predictive behavioral analytic help?

High performers in a given role share a common subset of behavioral competencies that they are extremely adept at using. Success and satisfaction can be predicted by comparing our behavioural competency profile to “high performing” profiles that have been established to predict success in a direction or role we are interested in. In this way, we can have a good understanding of whether a direction is a ‘right fit’ before we pour a lot of time, effort and resources into moving in that direction.

What is SuccessFinder?

SuccessFinder is a best-in-class predictive behavioral analytic specifically designed to help unlock a person’s career potential by creating awareness around preferred behavioral competencies.

Based on nearly forty years of research, it is the only behavioral analytic that measures 85 statistically distinct behavioral scales (few other tests measure more than 30) and 35 specific career theme scales (few other tests measure more than 10) – all of which interface with 1,500 occupational titles (few other tests measure more than 200) and 500+ Success Benchmarks.

SuccessFinder was developed and validated according to standards and principles established by the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Its sophistication means that it is sufficiently valid that it can safely be used to make important life decisions, including on another individual’s behalf.

Why do we use SuccessFinder?

Research indicates that the most successful people and teams possess a higher level of self-awareness. They have an in-depth understanding of their unique behavioural competencies, which allows them to leverage their strengths and maximize their performance. SuccessFinder’s exceptional quality means that it provides a sound basis for Propensity Management.


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