Working with Aggregated Propensity Data

The first hurdle to overcome in managing organizational propensities is to gather the data in a format that is comprehensive and searchable. SuccessFinder provides an extensive individual benchmark profile. This information includes predictors related to broad career themes, behavioral factors (sometimes referred to as super traits), leadership styles, and specific benchmarks that predict the probability of an individual being a high performance in a given career area (e.g., CEO of $B Company).


the ios talent integrator

The IOS Talent Integrator is a web-based application that enables fully customized searches of aggregate propensity data to identify individuals who match specified search criteria including career aspirations, education, credentials, experience and a full suite of SuccessFinder-based behavioural competencies.

The Talent Integrator provides a quick and easy way for organizations to:

  • generate short lists

  • compare extensive profiles

  • generate work group profiles

  • visualize workforce propensity distributions

  • analyze aggregate team and organizational data

Organizational benefits

The Talent Integrator helps certified practitioners systematically improve the health of the human system by:

  • Selecting for suitability and satisfaction, to increase retention, intrinsic motivation and the probability of high performance on-the-job

  • Enhancing team dynamics, capacity, and functionality by adding required behavioral competencies, including leadership competencies

  • Streamlining investment in T&D by screening for propensities that can realistically be enhanced through training

  • Systematically diversifying organizational propensities to build a workforce that is resilient in changeable circumstances

  • Resourcing project teams, formulating new messages, and seeding new talent with the capacity for change in mind

  • Making resourcing decisions that optimize placement of required talent throughout an organization’s structure

The Data Management Challenge

Working with SuccessFinder data for a small group of individuals is tedious, time consuming and error prone. If an organization has 1,000 employees and SuccessFinder data against 400 benchmarks, the consolidated information will consist of 400,000 benchmark results. Making sense of large volumes of data effectively and efficiently requires an efficient query tool. The Talent Integrator serves this purpose.

Integrator Composite 3.png

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Our Train the Trainer workshops equip your expert practitioners to orient and engage managers and staff to participate in systematic optimization of the human system. These workshops will help employees identify their best career direction, support performance-based team design and resourcing, and teach the art of intentional teaming.