What Our Customers Have to Say

Ready to ‘change your game’ and experience how predictive behavioral analytics can alter the course of your career or your team’s performance? You don’t have to take our word for it, hear what some of our past clients have to say!

Michael DiMattia, PhD Structural Biologist / Protein Biochemist

“I was extremely impressed with the Catalyze Your Life & Career method. The experience was rigorous, thoughtful, highly personalized, and the best part is that it wasn’t just descriptive but also predictive. By exploring my natural propensities and motivations, as well as areas of relative weakness, I gained specific insights into where I might best succeed (and be most fulfilled) in my future endeavors. This is what was most relevant to me, and where I was feeling stuck professionally. But regardless of where you are in your career, how confident you are with your current path, or how well you think you know yourself, there is tremendous opportunity for all with the Ensentious toolkit. Industry-leading surveys and decades of experience understanding human systems and how people work are seamlessly integrated to meet you where you are and offer guidance for what lies ahead.

I think back to my sessions on a near-daily basis, and can’t recommend highly enough.” 



Joan Lane, Graphic Designer/Web Developer


“I cannot recommend Ensentious highly enough. Since my time at school, I have always struggled in deciding on a career. When it came to applying for a college course, I chose nursing, as biology was my favorite subject in school and I liked the idea of having a job where I would care for people. From the very beginning of the course, I knew it wasn’t the career for me, but I hoped I would grow to like it. Having worked as a staff nurse after graduating, I admitted to myself that nursing wasn't the career I wanted to continue. However, last year, thanks to the counsel of Geri Canty, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to complete the Self-Assessment Test. The results confirmed that a career in Creative Digital Media would give me greatest job satisfaction. The breakdown of results also clarified why a career in this area would suit me based on my personality, interests, values, and my current lifestyle.

I had never considered a career in this area. I wasn’t even aware of the vast array of opportunities that are available in this sector. When Germaine Watts outlined the potential paths I could take in Creative Digital Media, I immediately felt excited! I have always had an underlying desire to do something that allowed me to use my creativity, but I never had the confidence to pursue a career in this area as I had no formal education or experience in creativity and design. I also never considered a career in IT, even though problem solving is something I enjoy.

After receiving the Success Finder results, I applied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming. The very first day I started the course, I knew I had finally found the right life path for me.

As a result, I am now pursuing a career for which I have renewed energy and enthusiasm.” 

Dennis Winkler, PhD Staff Scientist

“I just wanted to say thank you for referring me to Germaine and Geri, so I could complete the career assessment process. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience.


As you know, I am in a stressful situation right now not knowing whether I will be out of a job since the laboratory that I am part of will be closing. The question of what will happen, what my options are inside and outside the organization, and what to focus on as I try to make good choices for myself is looming large.

I was amazed at the accuracy of the results that came out of it. My results reinforced what I thought were my strengths and opened my eyes to others that I didn’t quite realize I have. Given that I may be facing a career change, Germaine also honed-in on some other possible directions that I could pursue that I would not only enjoy, but would very likely be a high performer in.

I would happily recommend this process to anyone who is looking for more clarity about themselves or their career options”

Erden Eruç, Adventurer, First Solo Circumnavigation by Human Power


“What my Success Finder career assessment with Germaine has helped me understand is that I am an iconoclast with a strong need for adventure in my life and work.

Let me explain. I have been in the work world for nearly four decades. I had the good fortune of finding a suitable career early in my life and became an engineer with masters degrees and an MBA. I landed a well-paying job and was happy with it until two events happened: first the bottom fell out of the dot-com industry and, more importantly, I lost my friend Göran Kropp, a Swedish adventurer and mountaineer who fell to his death while we were rock climbing together in September 2002. Suddenly I found myself searching for meaning in life.

Rather than finding another ‘job,’ I reinvented myself and became a full-scale adventurer. I took my engineering training and learned everything I needed to know to achieve a solo circumnavigation of the Earth under my own physical power. I also founded the nonprofit Around-n-Over to educate and inspire the next generation based on lessons learned from human powered journeys. All of these were fulfilling.

The circumnavigation took five years to complete; I became the first person to have rowed the three major oceans. Here I am six years later, reflecting on my 15 Guinness World Records and multiple historic firsts. I have shared the stage with James Cameron and John Glenn at the awards ceremony of the prestigious Explorers Club, and yet I again ask myself... what do I do NOW that has meaning and value for me and others?

My work with Germaine has helped me see that major self-transformation and powering through is MY way. It has helped me see that going forward I will need to create something unique that will allow me to share what I have learned through my adventures to help make a real difference in other peoples' lives.

Having external confirmation of my strengths helped me understand my life pattern and what qualities I possess to use going forward. Valid explanations for my weaknesses have also given me a new way to think about my current frustrations and my personal horizon which are calling me to transform yet again. While difficult, it is a relief to know the new challenge that I will shoulder. Ensentious provided me a clear indication of which behavioral talents I need to develop to create better value for society and to achieve greater inner satisfaction for myself.

Thanks to this assessment and feedback process, I may even have found the language that I will need to share the "inner story" of my adventures to realize my newly forming ambition to become a public speaker.”