Michael DiMattia, PhD Structural Biologist / Protein Biochemist

Michael DiMattia

PhD Structural Biologist / Protein Biochemist

“By exploring one’s natural propensities and motivations, as well as areas of relative weakness, I gained specific insights into where I might best succeed (and be most fulfilled) in my future endeavors. Regardless of where you are in your career, how confident you are with your current path, or how well you think you know yourself, there is tremendous opportunity for all with the Ensentious toolkit. I think back to my sessions on a near-daily basis, and can’t recommend highly enough.”

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Joan Lane, Graphic Designer/Web Developer

Joan Lane

Graphic Designer/Web Developer

“Thanks to the counsel of Geri Canty, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to complete the Success Finder Self-Assessment Test. The results confirmed that a career in Creative Digital Media would give me greatest job satisfaction. The breakdown of results also clarified why a career in this area would suit me based on my personality, interests, values, and my current lifestyle.

I had never considered a career in this area. I wasn’t even aware of the vast array of opportunities that are available in this sector. When Germaine Watts outlined the potential paths I could take in Creative Digital Media, I immediately felt excited!

After receiving the Success Finder results, I applied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming. The very first day I started the course, I knew I had finally found the right life path for me. As a result, I am now pursuing a career for which I have renewed energy and enthusiasm.”

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Erden Eruç, Adventurer, First Solo Circumnavigation by Human Power

Erden Eruç

Adventurer, First Solo Circumnavigation by Human Power

I had the good fortune of finding a suitable career early in my life and became an engineer with masters degrees and an MBA.

Having external confirmation of my strengths helped me understand my life pattern and what qualities I possess to use going forward. Valid explanations for my weaknesses have also given me a new way to think about my current frustrations and my personal horizon which are calling me to transform yet again.

Ensentious provided me a clear indication of which behavioral talents I need to develop to create better value for society and to achieve greater inner satisfaction for myself.”

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Dennis Winkler, PhD Staff Scientist

Dennis Winkler

PhD Staff Scientist

I was amazed at the accuracy of the results that came out of it. My results reinforced what I thought were my strengths and opened my eyes to others that I didn’t quite realize I have. Given that I may be facing a career change, Germaine also honed-in on some other possible directions that I could pursue that I would not only enjoy, but would very likely be a high performer in. I would happily recommend this process to anyone who is looking for more clarity about themselves or their career options”

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