Dennis Winkler, PhD Staff Scientist

“I just wanted to say thank you for referring me to Germaine and Geri, so I could complete the career assessment process. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience. As you know, I am in a stressful situation right now not knowing whether I will be out of a job since the laboratory that I am part of will be closing. The question of what will happen, what my options are inside and outside the organization, and what to focus on as I try to make good choices for myself is looming large. I was amazed at the accuracy of the results that came out of it. My results reinforced what I thought were my strengths and opened my eyes to others that I didn’t quite realize I have. Given that I may be facing a career change, Germaine also honed-in on some other possible directions that I could pursue that I would not only enjoy, but would very likely be a high performer in. I would happily recommend this process to anyone who is looking for more clarity about themselves or their career options”

Ena GargComment