Erden Eruç, Adventurer, First Solo Circumnavigation by Human Power

“What my Success Finder career assessment with Germaine has helped me understand is that I am an iconoclast with a strong need for adventure in my life and work.

Let me explain. I have been in the work world for nearly four decades. I had the good fortune of finding a suitable career early in my life and became an engineer with masters degrees and an MBA. I landed a well-paying job and was happy with it until two events happened: first the bottom fell out of the dot-com industry and, more importantly, I lost my friend Göran Kropp, a Swedish adventurer and mountaineer who fell to his death while we were rock climbing together in September 2002. Suddenly I found myself searching for meaning in life.

Rather than finding another ‘job,’ I reinvented myself and became a full-scale adventurer. I took my engineering training and learned everything I needed to know to achieve a solo circumnavigation of the Earth under my own physical power. I also founded the nonprofit Around-n-Over to educate and inspire the next generation based on lessons learned from human powered journeys. All of these were fulfilling.

The circumnavigation took five years to complete; I became the first person to have rowed the three major oceans. Here I am six years later, reflecting on my 15 Guinness World Records and multiple historic firsts. I have shared the stage with James Cameron and John Glenn at the awards ceremony of the prestigious Explorers Club, and yet I again ask myself... what do I do NOW that has meaning and value for me and others?

My work with Germaine has helped me see that major self-transformation and powering through is MY way. It has helped me see that going forward I will need to create something unique that will allow me to share what I have learned through my adventures to help make a real difference in other peoples' lives.

Having external confirmation of my strengths helped me understand my life pattern and what qualities I possess to use going forward. Valid explanations for my weaknesses have also given me a new way to think about my current frustrations and my personal horizon which are calling me to transform yet again. While difficult, it is a relief to know the new challenge that I will shoulder. Ensentious provided me a clear indication of which behavioral talents I need to develop to create better value for society and to achieve greater inner satisfaction for myself.

Thanks to this assessment and feedback process, I may even have found the language that I will need to share the "inner story" of my adventures to realize my newly forming ambition to become a public speaker.”

Ena GargComment