Joan Lane, Graphic Designer/Web Developer

“I cannot recommend Success Finder highly enough. Since my time at school, I have always struggled in deciding on a career. When it came to applying for a college course, I chose nursing, as biology was my favorite subject in school and I liked the idea of having a job where I would care for people. From the very beginning of the course, I knew it wasn’t the career for me, but I hoped I would grow to like it. Having worked as a staff nurse after graduating, I admitted to myself that nursing wasn't the career I wanted to continue. However, last year, thanks to the counsel of Geri Canty, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to complete the Success Finder Self-Assessment Test. The results confirmed that a career in Creative Digital Media would give me greatest job satisfaction. The breakdown of results also clarified why a career in this area would suit me based on my personality, interests, values, and my current lifestyle.

I had never considered a career in this area. I wasn’t even aware of the vast array of opportunities that are available in this sector. When Germaine Watts outlined the potential paths I could take in Creative Digital Media, I immediately felt excited! I have always had an underlying desire to do something that allowed me to use my creativity, but I never had the confidence to pursue a career in this area as I had no formal education or experience in creativity and design. I also never considered a career in IT, even though problem solving is something I enjoy.

After receiving the Success Finder results, I applied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming. The very first day I started the course, I knew I had finally found the right life path for me. As a result, I am now pursuing a career for which I have renewed energy and enthusiasm.”

Ena GargComment