Michael DiMattia, PhD Structural Biologist / Protein Biochemist

“I was extremely impressed with the Catalyze Your Life & Career method. The experience was rigorous, thoughtful, highly personalized, and the best part is that it wasn’t just descriptive but also predictive. By exploring one’s natural propensities and motivations, as well as areas of relative weakness, I gained specific insights into where I might best succeed (and be most fulfilled) in my future endeavors. This is what was most relevant to me, and where I was feeling stuck professionally. But regardless of where you are in your career, how confident you are with your current path, or how well you think you know yourself, there is tremendous opportunity for all with the Ensentious toolkit. Industry-leading surveys and decades of experience understanding human systems and how people work are seamlessly integrated to meet you where you are and offer guidance for what lies ahead. I think back to my sessions on a near-daily basis, and can’t recommend highly enough.” 

Ena GargComment