Multi-generational integration, digital transformation, business complexity, competitiveness - the pressures on organizations keep going up while the levels of employee engagement needed to ensure resiliency, innovativeness, and productivity, are remaining persistently low.

Why is this happening?

Our economic system is rooted in a Meaning System that emphasizes individual accountability and competition, yet many young people do not understand what would bring them career satisfaction and success based on their natural talents. As new workforce entrants, they are encouraged by the educational system, governmental policies, and industry sector growth requirements to pursue careers in what is most needed to support economic flourishing.

The result of this broken talent pipeline is that many individuals find themselves in poor- fit roles, feeling pressured to behave in ways that are not their natural preferences, which drives poor performance, stress, conflict, illness, and workforce disengagement.

Selection and promotion practices in many organizations perpetuate the problem of talent misalignment by focusing more on knowledge, skill, experience, and credentials, than on peoples’ passion and natural talents. This means that intrinsic motivation remains largely untapped while efforts to improve individual, team, and organizational performance are pursued through behaviour modification initiatives - adding pressure, cost and stress to the workplace.

Viewed from a total workforce perspective, most organizations grow by filling vacancies one at a time. They do not have oversight of the emerging alignment between the behavioural diversity required for high functioning teams and structures and their overall aggregated workforce behavioural propensity profiles. This is most problematic when the aggregate propensity profiles in their management and leadership ranks make them ill-suited to handling the challenges of people and business management in a VUCA world.

The overall cost of this approach and the aggregated inefficiency it creates in organizations can be measured in the billions of dollars lost to the economy annually from workforce disengagement, not to mention the healthcare costs incurred by an unwell workforce.


Getting at the Root Cause

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