There is a new Meaning System emerging that is emphasizing inclusion, interdependence, and mutual accountability. Young people are opting out of the traditional approach and moving into the gig economy for greater freedom, purpose and opportunity to make a difference. At the same time, high-powered predictive behavioral analytics are making it possible for individuals, educational institutions, and employers to fix the broken talent pipeline.


By using high quality predictive people analytics, leaders can strengthen organizational functionality while meeting the performance capacities, realistic career aspirations, and growth needs of their members. Long running research indicates that hiring and promoting practices that leverage natural talent can improve performance by as much as 45-58%. Call it a win-win.

Organizations can also use the information to make better-informed investments in self-directed learning knowing workers are feeling respected, empowered, and motivated to make the most of the opportunity. The same is true for investments in career planning, knowing that they are improving their employee experience as well as building their employer brand in the job market.

Finally, organizations can work with aggregated behavioural propensity data to understand their organization’s overall human system health and functionality potential. They can take science-based steps to re-engage their workforce by making talent management decisions that substantially meet the intrinsic motivation of individuals while simultaneously addressing the performance requirements for jobs, teams, and other structures.

The result is more people in good-fit roles who are intrinsically motivated to be and do their best, which increases engagement and performance while reducing job related stress and illness. The net gain of increasing aggregate efficiency in organizations would amount to billions of dollars regained for the economy.

Enhancing Organizational Functionality

Individuals can work together to create better outcomes by learning to systematically improve the functionality of their organization’s human system using Propensity Management.


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